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IIW develops management and research tools for a wide-range of environmental issues and has contributed to the harmonisation of techniques and methodologies that are related to the implementation of EU environmental policies. At an international level, the IIW has participated (either as a co-ordinator or as a partner) in EU environmental programmes, concerning river basin management, biodiversity conservation and ecological quality assessments. Researchers from the IIW represent Greece, as experts in the EU (e.g. in Working Groups supporting the implementation of the Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EE and the COST action) and in international organisations (e.g. the IUCN). On a National level, the IIW provides resources and know-how on applied aspects, including strategic design and planning. On a local level, site-based and regional environmental issues have been undertaken through co-operation with local authorities. Site-based conservation and restoration, involving multi-disciplinary research, is being practiced through projects co-funded by the EU and National sources. Environmental impact assessment studies are conducted, concerning mostly water resources development. Finally, the IIW has undertaken specific consulting services for Governmental organisations (Ministry of Development and Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works) on the designing, planning and reviewing of nation-wide development and research studies related to the application of the environmental policies and the management of natural resources.

The offices and laboratories of the Institute occupy nowadays approximately 340 m2, of which 120 m2 are utilised as laboratories and the rest as offices.
The IIW has four equipped laboratories; a hydrology-hydrochemistry lab, a lab for benthic microinvertebrates, an ichthyological lab and an experimental aquaria one.
The field, laboratory and office equipment that the Institute possesses is supporting the activities of all research teams.

. A high performance multiprocessor (128 CPU's, 64-bit) cluster (HP BladeSystem c7000) with 4 Gb Ram on each core
. PCs, Laptops and printers in the Institute's offices and the laboratories
. A Cannon photocopier for both full colour and monochrome production

Hydrological-hydrochemical laboratory: Hydrological analysis and assessment, hydrochemical analyses of waters, soils and sediments
. Ionic Analyzer (Metrom): calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, sulfate, chloride, nitrate, nitrite, ammonium, phosphate, total nitrogen and total phosphorus.
. Spectrophotometer Merck (Vega 400): sulfate, chloride, nitrate, nitrite, ammonium, phosphate.
. Automatic titration (Tim (900) with autosampler (SAC 80): calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate, and carbonate.
. Vortex, ultrasonic cleaner, electronic pipettes and thermoreactor (TR 300) for sample digestion
. Filtering system for water samples
. Electronic digital scales of 3 and 5 digits (Precisa)
. Laboratory washer
. Pc and printer

Benthic macroinvertebrates' lab: Sorting, taxonomic evaluation/assessment of benthic macroinvertebrates
. Stereomicroscopes (3, Wild, Leica)
. Inverted microscope with photo camera (Wild)
. Pc and printer

Ichthyology lab: Biology of freshwater fish (emphasis on reproduction, nutrition), morphology-morphometry of early life stages and adults
. Two computerized image analysis systems
. Stereoscopes (Nikon, Olympus, Wild)
. Stereoscope connected cameras (analogical Sony, digital Cmos)
. Digital photo camera (Canon)
. TV and video system (Sony)
. PCs (2) and printer
. Electronic digital scales of 6 (Sartorius) and 3 digits

Experimental aquaria lab: Artificial reproduction and rearing of fish, endemic to the freshwaters of Greece
. 10 aquaria of various sizes (3 of 453 L maximal volume)
. Systems for continuous water filtering (2)
. UV disinfection devices (2)
. Stereoscope (Zeiss)

Field equipment
Conventional monitoring
. Special aluminum boat (Skiff type) for electrofishing in rivers and lakes
. Φουσκωτό 3,4 m
. Outboard engines 10 hp
. Two Water Quality Checkers (pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, electrolytic conductivity, turbidity, and salinity)
. Portable water quality monitoring system (Horiba; pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, electrolytic conductivity, turbidity, salinity; nitrate, calcium, chloride, potassium ions and ammonia)
. Water sampler (overland- and ground-water)
. Soil sampler (depth ~1m)
. Automatic water sampler (ISCO)
. Portable flow-meters
. Thermographs
. Field spectrophotometer
. Fluorophotometer (artificial tracers' measurement in groundwater)
. CTD instrument
. Geoelectric device (1D/2D)
. Radon meter (for water and air)
. Electrofisher for large rivers and lakes
. Portable (backpack) electrofishers for streams and small rivers (5)
. Laser distance meters (3)

Automatic (telemetric) monitoring
. Meteorological stations
. Doppler flow meter (Aandera)
. Water flow and level gauges
. Gauging stations for physicochemical parameters

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